Galina Gubanova (Moscow)

“Mythological universals in Futurist Theater and commedia dell'arte”

The report offers a new concept of the origin of commedia dell'arte (relevant to St. Petersburg in the years of the formation of futurism). This concept, which for the first time ever is presented in a report, reveals not the similarity, but rather direct identity of some cultural phnomena with protagonists of the Futurist Theater projects ("Victory over the Sun"), and sheds new light on radical projects of modern art, which are based on the same underlying symbols. The connection between commedia dell'arte and futuristic opera motives (including sketches by K. Malevich) were considered by the presenter in her dissertation (as well as in a number of separate publications). The subject was examined by the presenter during her staging of the "Journey of Harlequin" play ( Vs. Meyerhold wrote (archive materials) about the importance of the Italian mask quartet, which he called "the majestic quadriga". The presenter is trying to prove with facts and cultural similarities the premonition of the renowned director, whose art influenced the emergence of the Futurist Theater.

Galina Gubanova

is theatre director, art critic. Defended her Ph. D. thesis at Moscow State Institute of Art Studies in 2000 called "Russian Futuristic Theatre: Victory over the Sun". Research subject - theatrical project by Kasimir Malevich and his like-minded: restoration of performance "Victory over the Sun" (1913). She has been artistic director of "The Black Square" theatre in 1988-1997 and "Galina Gubanova "Papizh Club" theatre" in 1998-2003. Participant of following conferences: devoted to the 110lh anniversary of birth of K. Malevich (St. Petersburg, 1988; Moscow 1989); "Russian Avant-garde and Theatre, 1910-1920" (Moscow, 1997); "Avant-garde of the 20th century: Fate and Results" (Moscow, 1997); "Symbolism and The Marionette" (St. Petersburg, 1998); "K. Malevich. Classical Avant-garde. Vitebsk." (Vitebsk, 1998); "Russian Cubofuturism" (Moscow, 1999); "Symbolism in Avant-garde" (Moscow, 2000). Participation in numerous shootings of films about K. Malevich; The International Theatre Olympics in Moscow; The Anatolij Vasiljev Theatre Symposium; Annual Theoretical and Practical Laboratory "Trained Dog" (I. P. Uvarova-Daniel, Union of Theatre Workers, Moscow); taking part in the publication of the magazine "Kukart" (Moscow). Her articles published in such a magazines as Dekorativnoje iskustvo, Literaturnoje obozrenije and others.

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