Dear QUEU-partners,

after weeks of consultancy and re-concepting we are happy to send you the today's QUEU concept. For COMENIUS - the EU program we are looking at for funding - things had to be adjusted. To us, it now seems much more clearer and focused, because we have limited it to one mutual outcome: a transferable guideline for QuerKlang in Europe.

The concept now follows the key challenge to jointly - with you - develop a methodology based on Berlin's QuerKlang that will work in any European country albeit national perculiarities and local constraints. The project sets focus on a hands-on toolkit that teachers can use in a multitude of settings and that can be taught at Universities in teachers' initial training. To be able to develop and formulate a transferable best practice from a German good practice - so the project's logic - we have to test and try, reflect, discuss and re-work QuerKlang's frame-work from each individual national context to a broader sense that we can only work out in a cross-national cooperation. From there we will formulate recommendations on how to implement QK across school systems, give hands-on classroom activities examples, explain how and with whom to network and especially introduce essential reasons why to implement QUEU tools at school (and in teacher's training).

The face-to-face exchange is now limited to the university staff, teachers and composers. In each country one school class will be working on two QuerKlang runs, but will not travel to meet the other participating pupils. It is a shame, but it now feels like a whole different project on its own. If we should be successful with the guideline-oriented application we will pose another application for transeuropean school exchange!

For now, please have a look into the new concept and let us know if this still meets your interests. We are still working on distributing the budget and will talk to each team individually to best distribute available funds. What we will need from each partner country is a self-statement that explains why you as a partner with your experiences in xy are the perfect match for this project (see sample attached of Warwick University) - also for the schools. And we will need a PIC number for each partner and a partner contract / mandate (both for the schools aswell). We are attaching all forms and samples. Please let us know your thoughts and if it is possible to deliver all necessary documents by mid March - latest March 25th.

If you have questions, additions, comments please feel free to contact us at anytime!

Warmly yours

Jennifer and Kerstin

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