Dear team,

today we have received the official GO by the EU to hand over the complete project coordination to the University for the Arts Berlin (UAB). This is an exepmtion by the EU specially given to our project. Since two weeks we are in contact with the UAB trying to find a way to hand it over to them, intergarte it into their schedules and commitments. After having checked it in depth they have finally decided that they cannot bear the ressources to negotiate and sign the contract by the end of the year - which formally has to happen in order to receive the funds. In consequence, we are not able to realise the project. We are very sorry to pass over these sad news to you! Please inform your team and your institution of these developments.

The UAB is now thinking about handing in a new application in March - but Kerstin and I are - at this moment - not sure how much energy we can find to work on this process soon again. If you feel like it, send us your comments and feedback - also to the UAB directly, if you wish.

We have been honoured to work with you throughout the last months, and we appreciate all your openness, patience and support. Let us stay in contact and hope to be able to work together again soon.

For now, have a good Christmas time and a happy end of the year.

Warmly yours

Kerstin and Jennifer

-- Jennifer Aksu k&k kultkom KULTURMANAGEMENT und KOMMUNIKATION Crellestr. 22 10827 Berlin Telefon: 030 - 78 70 3350