9. P 27.11.2011 kell 14.00 Pärnu Raekoda


Kavas Olivier Messiaeni kammermuusika

"Poemes pour Mi" sopranile ja klaverile

Book 1: No. 1. Action de graces
Book 1: No. 2. Paysage
Book 1: No. 3. La maison
Book 1: No. 4. Epouvante
Book 2: No. 5. L'epouse
Book 2: No. 6. Ta voix
Book 2: No. 7. Les deux guerriers
Book 2: No. 8. Le collier
Book 2: No. 9. Priere exaucee

Kai Kallastu, sopran

Kadri-Ann Sumera, klaver

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