Dear you,

our internal deadline has passed. I just had a look in the budget to figure out final figures for the mandates and the application - please update them if you haven't had a chance yet. For the moment being I will talk with Lisbon and Athens later/ next week to finalize questions and procedures and will wait for the Austrian feedback within the first weeks of July. So we will still have a couple of days more to sort out numbers and responsibilities.

In addition to the big budget containing 7 partners I'ver set up a smaller budget containing 4 partners (correlating to the EU categories for cooperation projects) that embraces Austria, Belgium, Estonia and Germany. (Those partners have fixed their budgets and responsibilities so far). Please have a look and correct/ add on to the budget outline.

According to the feedback I am awaiting for the following week, Kerstin and I will have to decide in which direction the application will go (either towards a larger or a smaller cooperation project). Please let us know your thoughts until then.

Apart from this we have decided to include a kind of introductory sheet for each team. I've attached the Berlin version (not final yet) - please send us pictures and texts similar to this sample so we can layout and attach it.

We have also started to update the application text again, giving it a more straight, maybe more political direction that also argues for the partners and countires we'd like to include in this application. The text, updated mandates (with final figures if available by then) and LoIs will follow throughout the next week.

This is the update from our side. Last but not least concerning the timeline: we will hand in teh application by September 24th. Latest by September 20th we need all PIC numbers, textes, changes etc. I will set up a shared document with the sample form of the EU application, as you cannot share it amongst partners online there (whyever nobody really knows). Still some days to go, but it's never too early to start as the summer break will steal us some time aswell.

I will be away for the next 7 days, so if you have questions or remarks please do not hesitate to contact Kerstin instead (here in TO).

Thank you all for your cooperation and all the best from Berlin


-- -- Jennifer Aksu k&k kultkom KULTURMANAGEMENT und KOMMUNIKATION Crellestr. 22 10827 Berlin Telefon: 030 - 78 70 3350