Dear all,

how great to have talked to you in such a big group (and we haven't even been all the participants)!

We know it was a giant amount of information, so we will try to summarize the most important points mentioned.

- TEAM/ ROLES: the team is one of the most important resources for QuerKlang. And, of course, it is in focus of this EU-project, as we stated to promote the learning, expending and support of teachers and external artists working together as teams in school. There are different roles within the project that need to be distributed. A checklist for all "work packages" for each role will follow next week, so you can discuss and distribute roles accordingly.


- SCHEDULE: we are trying to schedule the next 2 face-to-face meetings. The first meeting being the Kick-off and the next meeting being the introductory seminar, where we are trying to keep it as condensed and short as possible (especially as it will be difficult for the teachers to be traveling for so long). This is the doodle for the KICK-OFF: (we tried to respect the conference in Portugal 26/27th Nov with the second suggestion)

this is the doodle for the introductory seminar: (If no date shall fit into your schedule please let us know as soon as possible!)


- BUDGET: The budget is stated for each team. Units and sums are taken from the EU guidelines compulsory for ERASMUS+. I'm happy to discuss sums and handling individually!

Please let us know any misfits date-wise or send us your questions and suggestions.

We are looking forward to planning things further!

All the best

Jennifer and Kerstin

Ps.: Please forward the information to all relevant participants we might have not included - many thanks!

-- Jennifer Aksu k&k kultkom KULTURMANAGEMENT und KOMMUNIKATION Crellestr. 22 10827 Berlin Telefon: 030 - 78 70 3350