Dear you,

after a tough countdown to the application deadline and many months of waiting patiently for the results, we are coming back to you.... wtih happy news!

QUERKLANG GOES EUROPE has been chosen one of the best practice exchange projects at COMENIUS+ and has been funded with 153.000,00 € for the next two years ( YEHA!!

Thank you very much for all the hard work during the weeks of application process, last minute magic and paper work even after that. Kerstin and I will go through the budget again and see what the slightly shortened amount of money will mean to the project. And then start to look into the first steps we will have to take all together.

As we are in the middle of an upcoming project, this email is just the official notice that we will be having an EU-project together now, from September 1st onwards. We will come back to you with a suggestion for a mutual skype-meet-up soon to take further steps from there, once we all at least e-met.

Take care, let us know if you are off into summerbreak soon and when we will / can reach you all again.

Cordially and proudly

Jennifer and Kerstin

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