Justina Klingaite
Estonian Institute of Humanities, TLU

Where do the fine arts originate from?

My lecture aims to present and discuss the origin of art and music. We will be discussing where does artistic and musical creativity come from? Does it originate from the human being’s autonomous self or does it come from the world, from the outside? Does modern technology (computers, smart phones, etc.) let our creativity flourish? Or, does it kill our creativity instead? Do the fine arts still matter in the technological age? The lecture will be held in the form of a discussion.

Keywords: origin, art, music, creativity, technology.


  • Heidegger, M. “... Poetically man dwells…” in Poetry, Language, Thought (2001), Harper Perennial Modern Classics, p. 211-227.  Download the text by clicking the link given below:
    Heidegger, M. Poetry, Language, Thought...

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